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  • Walnut Cookie S (15 pieces)
    Small package with 15 cookies.
    5,000 ($)
  • Walnut Cookie M (30 pieces)
    Medium package with 30 cookies.
    10,000 ($)
  • Walnut Cookie L (60 cookies)
    Large package with 60 cookies.
    20,000 ($)
  • Walnut Cookie XL (80 pieces)
    1박스에 80개가 들어있는
    특대용량 제품입니다.
    25,000 ($)
Customer Center
Number : 1599-3370
Business Hours: 09:00-05:00 (Mon-Sat)
No Service on Sundays
Kakao Talk Service : hodo1934
Add the above ID on Kakao Talk for customer service.
Business Hours: 09:00-05:00 (No service on weekends/holidays)
Account Number : 301-0200-2140-01
Account Holder : Jo In-ho (조인호)
호도과자 보관방법
How to keep walnut cookies
After you pick up the courier, keep the remaining walnuts in the refrigerator if possible. Please keep in the freezer room for long term storage. After storing in the freezer, heat it in a microwave oven You can enjoy the original taste as it is.
Basic delivery fee is KRW 2,500 (except certain remote areas)
Delivery fee is waived on purchase of KRW 50,000 or more.
Products delivered on weekends will ship on Monday.
반품 및 교환 안내
Return and Exchange Policy
Due to the characteristics of the product, return and exchange is not possible.
Please consider carefully before making payment.
유사품 확인
Check for Imitations
Customers have filed complaints because of imitation products. "Original Grandma Hakhwa" traditional sauces are old only in Cheonan Store (Guseong-dong) and hodo1934 website. Please make sure to check the location and brand to avoid imitations!