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Walnut cookie is a
typical Korean snack that developed with the country’s travel culture.
The snack can be easily found in highway rest stops throughout South Korea, as well as in stores long the beaten country roads. Korean passion for walnut cookies continue even on congested urban roads, where makeshift stalls on the streets bake and sell the snack for a small sum of cash. The cookies can be found on trains as well.

On the railroad, travelers will come across walnut cookies near Cheonan, the city’s specialty product. The history of walnut cookies on board trains can be traced back to the aftermath of the Korean War, during which trains were the most readily available method of transportation. Walnut cookies must have been the easiest food for consumption, along with Gimbap (Korean rice rolls) on crowded carriages.

Despite its long history and close connection to Korean lifestyle, not many people are familiar with the origin of the walnut cookie.
Cheonan Hakhwa Walnut Cookie is the first walnut cookie brand:
The original store is located on a street, only ten meters from Cheonan Station. The store, sometimes called “Grandmother’s Walnut Cookie” by the locals, opened in 1934 by the local couple Mr. and Mrs. Jo Gwi-geum, and earned its nickname from the appearance of then 20-year-old Grandmother Shim Bok-sun keeping the store for eighty years.

Grandmother Shim, a devout Christian, considers her walnut cookies as her children, and therefore spends much of her devotion to maintaining the flavors and renown of Hakhwa Walnut Cookie. That is why she is able to maintain the original quality of Hakwha Walnut Cookies, with its distinct flavors despite shape similar to that of copycat products. Walnut cookie lovers, as well as those interested in baking, should pay a visit to the store to experience the special quality.
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