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진행단계 바
Preparing Walnuts
01 Soak the walnuts, with shells still intact, in water.
02 Peel the outer skin and dry sufficiently under sunlight.
03 Use a special tool to pull the walnuts from the shell, carefully preserving the nuts.
04 Cut the walnuts into four.
05 Refrigerate. This is the most important task, as the nuts must be used until the harvest next year.
Making the Filling
01 Wash high-quality adzuki beans in water and separate good beans.
02 Boil the beans in a pot, paying attention to the softness.
03 Peel and ground the beans into fine powder.
04 Cool the powdered beans by pouring cold water more than three times.
05 Cooling the powdered beans will prevent the filling from going bad easily.
06 Separate liquid from the paste.
07 Mix the paste with salt water and boil.
08 After boiling, cool the mixture at room temperature.
Making the Dough
01 Mix the flour with eggs, watered-down milk, and sugar. Add syrup to create the dough.
02 Mature the dough.
Advanced technology freed our employees from many manual processes of making walnut cookies, but adding walnut pieces and greasing the baking pan are still done by hand. Delicious walnut cookies are completed after putting a piece of walnut to the dough and filling before baking.
Our wrapping paper and box has not changed from its original design. You can see our employees wrapping each cookie with traditional Korean paper.
Enjoying Walnut Cookie
Hakhwa Walnut Cookie does not use chemical preservatives, but its high level of purity prevents it from going bad easily. If your cookies hardened in room temperature, they can be soaked in milk, which can enhance the flavors. Make sure to refrigerate leftover cookies, and freeze them if you are storing them for a long time. Microwaving the refrigerated or frozen cookies will bring back its original taste.