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After the Liberation of Korea in 1945
Hakhwa Walnut Cookie began delivering its products to the Korean railroad workers’ cooperative, an organization that sells snacks and basic items on board trains. This contract allowed the company to gain a nationwide renown, by way of people traveling to and from Seoul and provincial cities. Some travelers boarded their train without appropriate gifts for their family back home, but at Cheonan they were always able to pick up a box of walnut cookie to satisfy their children’s sweet tooth. With such as history in the background, Cheonan has now become the city of walnut cookies for Koreans.
One day, a Buddhist monk walked into the store.
The monk, instead of purchasing walnut cookies, or asking for donations, turned his eyes to the book “I am Happier than King David” displayed in front of the counter. He picked up the book, paid the price, and slowly walked out of the store. Grandmother Shim regretted not having stopped the Buddhist monk for a chat, and thought maybe she should have given the monk the book for free. What was done, however, was done, and the money would go to building a new church. She only hoped that the loving light of the Lord shined on the monk’s heart through the book.
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Funny things occasionally happen at Hakhwa Walnut Cookie store.
Sometimes people would wait outside of the store to buy walnut cookies. People looking to buy train tickets, however, often think the line to the store is the line to the ticket booth, only to find delicious smells at the end. One day, a panicked customer who bought a box of cookies came into the store, and told the staff that her child, who was waiting in the station while she was buying the cookie, was gone. The employees gave up their work to look for the child with the woman, which caused losses for the store. Thankfully, the child was found, and he grew up to be a graduate student who sometimes comes back to the store to laugh about the day with the employees who remember.